Forged Monoblock

One-piece wheel, also called “Mononblock”. The round bar from high quality aerospace 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy is pressed in a huge forging machine, to stamp out a wheel shaped blank.

Forging is a hot working process, and helps to align the grain structure of the alloy. This results in a very strong, very lightweight wheel construction material. Then the wheel blank is flow-formed to create the outer barrel shape. Following that process, the wheel blank is loaded into a CNC lathe machine to make profile of wheel, then to the milling machine where the spoke pattern, PCD and DIA is milled out. Forged wheels are built to order and could be manufactured with any PCD, size, width, offset, color combination as you need.
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Forged 2-piece

2-Piece forged wheels, or “Dualblocks” are pretty much manufactured the same as the Monoblock forged wheels except that they are machined out from 2 separate piece…

which are then bolted together. A 2-piece wheel in this configuration pretty much looks like a Monoblock wheel but with exposed hardware (showing bolts) If you do not want the bolts to be seen it’s also possible to make hidden hardware, so the bolts will not be visible.  2-piece wheel in some applications can be with a more concave profile that the Monoblocks. And it’s also available to have 2 color finishes.
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Forged 3-piece

3-Piece forged wheels use 2 different methods of manufacturing. Centers are forged and manufactured the same as Monoblocks or face part of Dualblocks. The rim sections for 3 piece…

wheels are normally spun from disks of aluminum. Generally, spun rim sections offer the ability to customize wheels for special applications that would not be available for Monoblocks or Dualblocks: when you need extra width or negative offset, for example. The rim sections are bolted to the center and normally a sealant is applied in or on the assembly area to seal the wheel. Three piece forged wheels are usually the most expensive wheel construction, mostly due to the assembly labor and components used. The wheels consist of three main pieces: the center, the outer barrel (lip), and the inner barrel. These three parts are held together with a series of perimeter bolts. 
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Warranty & Return Policy

Each order for the manufacturing of forged wheels of individual size for any car is unique. Please, carefully review and check your orders. We are of course always at your side and will recommend only the best for your car. If regardless of the above, you insist on ordering products that we do not recommend to you, for example, for some particular project or repair, then we shall not bear any responsibility. Any individual size order is final and is not subject to any exchange or refund.

Why Motion

Currently, hundreds of companies around the world are offering their services for the manufacture and sale of wheels. It is always difficult for a person without past experience of making such purchases, to find a selling spot where all his preferences will be taken into account, especially in terms of price and quality. Motionwheels however is the place. Our products have passed the test of time and road.

Where Can I Buy

The Motion Wheels Company carefully selects and supervises its dealers.
Motions Wheels applies strict selection criteria to the dealership companies. Only very responsible and prudent companies may obtain the title of our dealer.
Authorized dealers should be able to offer Motion-Wheel products only at a high and qualitative level, provided that the level of customer service is also adequate.
Registering a company as a Motion-Wheels dealer protects customers from indiscriminate sellers and scammers.
Registered Motion-Wheels dealers offer high quality products with all the necessary warranties.
Customers may choose Motion-Wheels dealers based on their personal preferences, location of the dealer and other criteria.

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