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That would be dishonest if we did not admit that we became the same “showcase” manufacturer for our customers. But when we decided to go to a new level of wheels production, we clearly determined for ourselves that our customers will always have the opportunity to create their own design! We are not only ready to carefully help you with the development of your own design or simple implementation of a ready-made idea! We are ready to add to that highlight of yours another and very important ingredient – the quality. Of course, like many young companies, we could “train” ourselves by producing cast wheels in Taiwan in order to gain the necessary experience and financial support for the further steps … But we did not initially look for easy ways! That is why, in order to avoid all possible risks in the quality of our product, we have chosen the forged wheels as our only flagship product, with production in the United States, where nowadays quality control is subject of a great attention, allowing our brand to never to be ashamed of our product before those who chose our brand. And if you think this is not enough, then we hasten to back up our words: a warranty for manufacturing defects will be extended to life time! Every comment is important to us! Probably, the name of our brand could look quite banal to certain customers, but its simplicity bears the truth clear to everyone: the power in motion! Go along with MOTIONWHEELS and you will always be ahead!


Nowadays, hundreds of companies around the world offer their services for the manufacture and sale of wheels. It is always difficult for a person without experience of making such purchases, to find a place where all his preferences will be taken into account, especially in price and quality. Motionwheels however is this place. Our products have passed the test of time and road.

A positive buyer’s response is more important for us than money, which is why we pay so much attention to the quality of the wheels! We treat our wheels as if we are manufacturing them for ourselves, because as you know there no other person can criticize you better than yourself. Our entire range of customer services:

– Customize your product
– Choose the wheel structure (monoblock / two piece and three piece)
– Receive access to unlimited color palette
– Develop your own design
– Enjoy the quality of forged wheels and their advantage in weight
– Benefit from moderate prices.

In order to demonstrate how we value feedbacks from our customers, we provide life warranty for manufacturing defects. Motion Wheels is a force in motion. We never satisfied with our current achievements and are ready to walk this way together with you up to the end!

Our products

The wheel can be beautiful. It can be light. Can be both beautiful and light. But if in the course of its production the rules of a complex technological process are not observed or poor-quality procurement materials are selected, then all these advantages are all for nothing. After all, a damaged wheel even if it’s an exquisite design or light weight product is equally useless. Everyone who is accustomed to thinking rationally and keeping heads up, rather than being guided by aesthetics, understands this. We care about all three aspects of the wheel, but an increased attention is bad for the quality. In order to avoid potential problems with the quality of wheels, which is very important for the name of a young company, we decided to follow even more expensive path, but at the same time guaranteeing us that the product coming down from our production lines is 100% suitable even for the most demanding customer. It is being checked by the most demanding client – ourselves. So, we produce only forged wheels. Yes, if you do not pay attention to the price of a certain brand, then these are the most expensive wheels. However, they are the lightest and most durable! The ideal ratio in the eternal price-quality dilemma. The form factor of these qualities is the use of modern alloys from the development of aircraft-grade steel, where they know the price of any, even the minimal error. Such wheels are more resistant to mechanical influences. Unlike their cast analogs, they are most suitable for the bad road conditions, as well as for the increased load on the wheels, due to the rigid suspension or camber, when the inner rim of the wheel experiences doubled load. Forged wheels are able to withstand collisions with pits and joints and are less susceptible to damage from road debris. In addition to resistance to defects, forged wheels are characterized by anti-corrosion properties, which often reduce the need for constant care for them. Wheels of three different types come from our production lines located in USA:

• Monoblok (one piece). Moulds for all wheels are made from light alloys, in most cases with the addition of duraluminum or magnesium, while the metal is poured so that individual streams form a structure which looks like a network of crossed threads. In the next step, the resulting mould is subject to multiple manipulations in presses, whereby the metal is imparted strength at the molecular level.

Further comes the shock hardening at low temperatures. The main advantages of monoblok (one piece) wheels are their availability due to low costs, as well as a wide range of models.

• Two piece wheels: the manufacturing technology is completely identical.

The inner part of the wheel (the inner) is manufactured on high-precision machines. The “cutting” of the rim (the shelf) is followed by additional rolling, in order to accurately match the dimensions of the tires. Both light and strong titanium bolts are used for fastening shelves and inners. Collapsible wheels expand the possibilities of wide customization: greater variability in the choice of parameters for width, reach, the size of the shelves; the ability to assemble a wheel of a different color palette, combining the colors of shelves and centers; disk repair becomes an easier task with the replacement of a specific faulty part, rather than the entire wheel.

• Three piece wheels: for those who are approaching the construction and selection of elements with frenetic accuracy.

In the case of three piece wheels, you will be able to accurately pick up the necessary parameters for your particular car, not to mention the huge number of color variations. We have all the sizes and unlimited color palette! But if your extent of individuality is not limited to the above list and you are honed to go this way until the very end, you can always resort to an icing on the cake: wheels of your very own design.

We are ready to help you at any stage. Whether it’s a ready-made design or a sketch. You will be surprised by our patience and thoroughness. Are you a fan of the neo-retro or futuristic design, but cannot find something suitable from the existing options? Even a central nut or falser of the central nut? Your dreams are a pleasant and welcome challenge for us!

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